smile! enjoy green tourism in salento

Grintour Vademecum
Give detailed, exact and truthful information about the destination

Support the groups with local and specialized tourist guides

Respect the carrying capacity of every tourist destination

Inform tourists about the best practice of responsible tourism

Motivate tourists to critically evaluate the experience

Distribute equally the tourist expenditure

Suggest slow itineraries

Encourage the use of eco-transportation

Work with small groups to facilitate the contact with the local communities

Promote family run structures and services which respect the local culture

Grintour itinerary
  • Autumn itinerary

  • Winter itinerary

  • Spring itinerary

  • Summer itinerary

Autumn itinerary

Autumn is the season of the grape harvest, an activity that has always existed in Salento and with its traditional methods, has brought the “negramaro” to be one of the most well-known wines…See more…

Winter itinerary

What’s better than a walk around Salento combined with the production and the taste of its typical sweets? The visit of the Churches and of the monuments with their astonishing …See more…

Spring itinerary

The warmth of the air and the colours of the countryside frame a perfect picture in which discovery is combined with amazement. The visit of the dolmen, the menhir and of the …See more…

Summer itinerary

Are you ready to bathe in the clear waters of Salento? You can choose, the Ionian or the Adriatic sea, both beautiful. Wonderful seaside localities, rich in history, will be…See more…

corso di cucina

The simplicity of food and of the preparation methods is a fundamental feature of the cooking in Salento. It is composed of vegetables and legumes, dishes that reflect a past in which agriculture was the main activity. Other important ingredient, is the genuine flour from which excellent dishes are made… See more…


Corsi cartapesta Grintour
The production of papier-maché is one of the typical craft activities in Lecce. The paper is dampened with a special glue and then it’s mixed and dried.
Real masterpieces are created using this craft that had origin in the XVII century and that still lives thanks to the enthusiasm of the craftsmen. … See more on…


Tamburello GrintourThe tambourine is an ancient musical instrument which represents the most important musical symbol of Salento. It gets people dancing during the famous festival “La Notte della taranta” and it enlivens the popular festivals and private parties.
The musicians will teach you to play this instrument and will assist you with cheerfulness… See more…
Corsi pizzicaThis is the tipycal dance in Salento. It was born as an antidote against the sting of the tarantula. The Legend goes that the people who were “stung” went into a trance and only by listening to the sound of tambourines could they react…See more…



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